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🎁 2 Days Left! Order Subscriptions for Christmas Delivery!
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Product Safety


Please review this important safety notice.

Nothing matters more to us than our customers’ safety. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@littlepassports.com.


March 2017

    • We’ve become aware that the battery pack required for the Make an Electromagnet experiment and the Aurora in a Box experiment may overheat. For that reason, as a precaution, we ask that you not use these two experiments. Please immediately stop using the battery pack and remove any batteries that you may have in the battery pack. Watch this video for detailed instructions on disabling and discarding the battery pack.  Please do not discard the pack without disabling it first.  
    • Click here to see important safety information from the CPSC regarding this product.
    • Did you receive this product?  To learn more about disabling and disposing of this item, and to receive a replacement product, please contact us at support@littlepassports.com.